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Soclair Electronic

Eptix Electronics Inc. is an authorized distributor for:

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Soclair Electronic manufactures high quality transducers. Soclair’s newest generation of programmable transducers (IR 1XX, IR 2XX) allow the setting of almost any desirable range via an RS232-interface

Soclair’s product line includes:

  • – Transducers for Pt-100 and Resistors
  • – Transducers for Thermocouples
  • – Transducers for Currents and Voltages
  • – Digital Frequency-Voltage Transducer
  • – Frequency-Voltage/Current Transducer
  • – U/I Frequency Transducers
  • – Transducers for Measurement Bridges
  • – Transducers with Frequency Output
  • – Configurable Double Limit Switch

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