Procurement Strategies


At Eptix, we have taken the time to develop partnerships with manufacturers and their representatives across the globe in order to assure you have the best of what our Industry can offer. We are the leading global partner for technology-driven companies and partnership is a key aspect of our goal when servicing you-the Eptix customer.

We manage technology supply chains so that you can benefit from our full range of services in order to improve your order response time, manage and decrease lead times and assure a smooth supply chain control. With millions of components at our fingertips, we are confident that we can drive business improvements that will accelerate your success. We strive to deliver immediate and ongoing cost savings and guarantee every product we sell. This is the Eptix philosophy.

Counterfeit prevention is at the forefront of this Industry. We address this epidemic very seriously and in a very simple manner. We only deal with approved tier 1 supplier and do not buy from the China open market. We take this 1 step further through our 32 point inspection process.

Our commitment is to you and through our highly effective supply-chain; our goal is to help you overcome the critical challenges of procurement.