Counterfeit prevention

Counterfeit products are entering the marketplace through increasingly sophisticated methods. These products jeopardize the entire supply chain and already cost the electronics industry many millions of dollars each year.

That is why Eptix Electronics offers lab services (IC de-capsulation and extensive testing) at no cost to any client that procures parts through Eptix.

You can procure through us with complete confidence that you will be getting the authentic parts you ordered! We also offer electrical testing at our partner’s facility in New Jersey and Ottawa.

During the visual inspection process, we verify material authenticity by checking the manufacturer’s labeling, device marking, package condition, lead or sphere condition and component test marks. Part marking verification and component inspection will validate compliance to the original component and industry specifications.

At Eptix electronics we are continuously improving our quality procedures

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • AS9120 in progress
  • We maintain an ESD compliant warehouse
  • Only tier one suppliers are used when sourcing
  • 32 point inspection on every component received
  • Collaborate with test facilities that specialize in counterfeit detection
  • Electrical testing
  • De-capsulation (de-lid and die verification) & solderability
  • We offer a warranty above and beyond the industry norm
  • We stand behind every product we sell

Our 32 point inspection process includes:

  • Extensive visual inspection
  • Verification of parts’ original packaging
  • Verification of purchase and sales orders numbers
  • Verification of labels (bar codes included)
  • Lead inspection
  • Part marking including (bad or faded markings, laser print, double print, generic ink stamps and much more)
  • Country of origin and date codes
  • Verification and comparison of manufacturer’s logo and date log
  • Moisture sensitivity level (MSL) and RoHS status
  • Marking permanency tests to be performed
  • Review and comparison to manufacturer datasheet