Inventory solutions

Excess inventory solutions

Eptix Inc. offers a wide variety of customized solutions for your excess electronics inventory. Line Item purchasing, lot purchasing and consignment arrangements are offered to provide you with efficient and reliable solutions.


Outright cash purchase

Eptix Inc will review your excess list and offer you a very competitive offer on your excess inventory.


Line item purchasing

We will offer you the possibility of selling your excess inventory on a per-item basis by reviewing your products and placing immediate line-item offers.


Excess (LOT) purchasing

The lot purchasing program is an excellent solution to move an entire lot of excess inventory out of your warehouse. Simply send us your list and request a “lot bid.” We will audit and evaluate your list and present you with an offer. Your list must include the manufacturer part numbers, quantities and date codes.


Custom consignment programs: (revenue sharing)

The consignment program is an ideal solution for companies that are looking to eliminate old and discontinued product lines. Rather than selling excess inventory for pennies on the dollar, you will benefit from receiving market value and will gain valuable warehouse space.

After reviewing your excess inventory list, this inventory will be received and forwarded to our ESD compliant warehouse where a complete analysis for quantity and quality is performed by our experienced quality control department.

This partnership with Eptix will ensure that these products be viewed by millions of potential customers every day and our marketing team will consistently look for advantageous ways to market your inventory. You will benefit from an immediate increase in cash flow and valuable space.


  • Monthly sales transactions history and Inventory Reporting
  • Receive monthly payments for the parts that have been sold


For more information please call 514-789-1799
or email Moni Khabbaz at [email protected] to discuss the best solution for you.