LOI Solutions

At Eptix, we strive to go above and beyond what is just necessary for this Industry. Our continuous and unwavering dedication to customer service means that we will accommodate every single facet of what you – the Eptix customer requires for your production and purchasing fulfillments.

You can count on Eptix to ensure:

  • Bonded inventory
  • Management of MRP schedule sharing
  • Release of your inventory as per your requirements

Bonded inventory is carefully managed, controlled and stored in our ESD compliant warehouse. Your inventory is monitored to evaluate fluctuations in your production requirements and continuously updated to ensure you will never experience a line down situation.

We not only store your inventory, we alleviate your task as a buyer to constantly communicate crucial factors such as price increases, stock fluctuations, long lead times, product changes, product obsolescence and last-time buys.

Communication is a key element to success and we work hard to assure you cost-saving, proactive measures for a smooth and steady growth with us.