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ICP DAS is a leading manufacturer of: Embedded Control, Data Acquisition and Data Communication products including PAC, PLC, Embedded Controllers, Remote I/0, Modbus I/0, Modbus TCP I/0, Industrial Ethernet Switches, DeviceNet I/O and Gateway, CANBus I/O and Gateway, Signal Conditioners, PCI and ISA boards. If you are an OEM customer, we are fully capable of designing and manufacturing products according to your specification; allowing you to save both development time and money.


Programmable Automation Controllers:
Combination IPC I PLC and running HMI and Logic all in one, the WinPAC system is a powerful and scalable industrial control/ data acquisition, representing the latest evolution in control.

ViewPAC is an innovation product by ICP DAS. It is a PAC which combines a touch display, operation and control in one unit. ViewPAC provides perfect solutions to integrate HMI, data acquisition and control in one PAC.

Embedded Controllers I PLC:
Compact and robust solution to meet a multitude of industrial control needs. Ideal for bringing large control infrastructures to your LAN! The 1-7188 series also supports over 75+ different 1/0 expansion boards, offering diversified, user specific solutions!

Powerful line of rack mount embedded I PLC controllers! With a large selection of commercial off the shelf 110 & multiple programming languages, the 1-8000 is an ideal choice for OEMs!

Wireless GPRS/GPS Controller:
M2M Mini Programmable Automation Controllers make monitoring, immediate message sharing, and quick responding possible. They are intelligent, efficient machines that effectively lower labor costs.

Remote RS-485 & Modbus RTU:
Diversified & compact distributed 1/0 solution! With over 85+ different 1/0 configurations available consumers can easily choose capabilities ranging from: digital I/O, analog 110, thermocouple thermistor, RTD, to high speed counter capabilities and much more! Comes with FREE EZ Data Logging Software.

Web-Based 110 Modules:
Web-based Ethernet 110 modules. Each one has a built-in web server that is used for all configurations, 1/0 data monitoring and controlling using a regular web browser dynamically.

Remote Web-Based Ethernet 110 Modules:
Our web-based Ethernet 110 modules feature a built-in web server which allows configuration, 110 monitoring and 110 control by using a regular web browser. Remote control is as easy as surfing the Internet. Also includes Modbus TCP API.

Industrial Wireless Zigbee:
ZigBee operates in the ISM radio bands and is a general-purpose, inexpensive, self-organizing, mesh network that can be used for industrial control, embedded sensing, medical data collection, smoke and intruder warning, building automation, home automation, and robotics.

PCI / ISA Boards:
A full range of data acquisition & industrial control boards to meet your PC / I PC driven control systems.Board capabilities include: digital 1/0, analog 110, thermocouple, to high speed counter capabilities, motion control and much more!

Industrial Ethernet Switches I Gateways:
ICP DAS offers a comprehensive selection of robust and cost-effective industrial Ethernet products!

Industrial Fiber Optic Gateways:
A wide-ranging array of converters for use with SM / MM fiber connections. We provide a cost-effective and robust, and managed solutions!

Serial Communication Gateways:
ICP DAS offers a wide range of communication gateways and converters for RS-232/422/485, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet, DeviceNet, and CAN Bus

Power Supplies:
ICP DAS offers the latest in Din-Rail mount and panel mount switching power supplies! ICP DAS power supplies are available in a bevy of configurations, ideal for almost any industrial control or data acquisition application!