Here is a word we hear often but rarely experience. At Eptix, partnership is at the core of every facet of our business.

Our customers are our partners as we implicate ourselves and our experience in every aspect of your business. Our priority is to maintain long relationships through both easy and difficult times and our goal is to make the difficult waves smoother. We believe communication is the foundation of every relationship and we strive to be transparent, forthcoming and always give you 100% of what our team can offer. When you chose to deal with Eptix, you have over 50 years of comprehensive experience at your fingertips.

Our suppliers are an equally important element to our business. Hard work, communication and dedication to excellence are the qualities we demand of our Tier 1 suppliers. From our supply-chain partners, we can expect the highest level of quality, the highest level of service and full product support. We are proud to have forged concrete partnerships with such an elite supplier base around the world. This empowers YOU- the Eptix customer as you will benefit from factory direct products, timely deliveries and cost-saving solutions.

Eptix is proud to be partnered with the following organizations: